Beautiful Things

Recently, Vincent started an intense regimen of collaborations including works with  Hoodlab, Grassroots, Capital Butane, Sunshine joy Company, Wizard Pins, Mood mats, PBR and a host of others. Collaboration will continue to push Vincent as an artist supporting him to create stronger community bonds and influence counterculture.


2015 was an evolutionary year for Vincent when he opened DCCX Gallery in Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District with partners Justin & Colin. DCCX Gallery intermingled counterculture, glass art and Vincent’s wacky art under one roof.

Vincent Gordon’s collection “The Green Movement”  at DCCX Gallery featured paintings full of iconic characters and ridiculousness, collaborations and glass from glass blowers all across America including Erk Da Jerk, Sam Lyons, White Monkey Glass, Casto,  Niko Cray, Bishop, T Funk  and many more great friends and artists. “The Green Movement” show opened May 1, 2015 at DCCX Gallery.

Key to Vincent’s existence, Collaborations have been the central theme to the last 10 years of his art career.

In 2008 Vincent met DJ Schugar and together they pioneered The Infusion Project, a collective of artists that empowers artists to be artists for a living. Through this collaboration Vincent met many more collaborators including Jim Chelius, Kai Martin, Kiska Zilla and Sean Dietrich. It was in this setting that Vincent’s character-based cartoon collage really started to mature as well as kickstarting Vincent’s live painting.


Tour Life

In 2011 Vincent was invited to go on tour with the Identity Festival which reignited vincents love of life on  the road. Together with Sean Dietrich and an all star DJ Lineup, Vincent travelled to 20 cities in 30 days. This festival series took Vincent’s new found Live Art style to new heights with his new “Dassa Monsta” character series. All these Monstas eventually lead to Vincent’s “Dassa Monsta Coloring Book” that came out in 2013

Sean & Vincent continued to tour the USA off and on causing them to create multiple collaborations together. At SXSW in Austin TX in 2013, the first of their newly realized Fear & Loathing Across America Series was created; “Fear and Loathing in Austin”. Since the inception of F&L Across America, they have created “Austin”, “San Francisco”, “Miami”, “Manhattan” with many more to come.

The Roots

Since his humble beginnings bouncing around the midwest, Vincent found his artistic path with direction and support from many friends and family. One of his biggest supporters, Vincent's Grandma has consistently encouraged, guided and even managed shows for him throughout his life. Early on Vincent landed an apprenticeship with sculptor & professor Jeff Thompson. This apprenticeship helped Vincent develop & learn with other artists far his superior at his young age.


Coming from a big middle class family, a traditional education wasn’t a reality for Vincent. The world became his classroom and life his teacher. This concept is deeply woven into The Infusion Project and anything Vincent gets involved in.