What is your shipping policy?


Ship via Fedex or USPS depending on size and weight of package.


Contact info@vincentgordon.com if you would like to place an International order.


What Original Pieces are currently available?

To see the list of current pieces, please send an email to info@vincentgordon.com.


What if I would like a Custom Piece?

From the simplest ideas to complex constructions, nothing is too crazy.  The prices below are for a standard size and medium.  For super complex pieces, or mural sized art please email me for a quote.  

When you decide to take the plunge and go for an original commission, here's how it works:

To order, email me at info@vincentgordon.com

  • Price and size is agreed upon
  • You deposit half the money upfront via paypal or credit card.  Vincent will email you an invoice
  • You will compose an email letting Vincent know of your idea, and if possible reference photos for any items in the painting that you want.
  • You will receive a sketch within the week for you to review and let Vincent know if it's perfect or what changes you would like to make.
  • Once happy with the sketch, Vincent will commit the piece to canvas, or whatever surface was agreed upon and then email you pics of the completed piece
  • After it's finished and you are happy with the end result, you will pay the last half of the money owed 
  • Your painting is shipped


How do I order wholesale?

Send an email to info@vincentgordon.com to request a wholesale application.